2022 International Conference for the 10th EAASP

The 2022  International Conference for the 10th East Asian Alliance of Sport Pedagogy
~ ~ ~ SPORT for SDGs ~ ~ ~
Sport, Education and Sustainable Development
  1. Mission: the 2022 virtual international conference aims to connect with theory and practice in sport pedagogy, as well as to enhance academic exchanges and collaborations in East Asian Alliance of Sport Pedagogy (EAASP). The executive organization of 2022 EAASP Conference invites outstanding scholars and experts from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe, the United States and other countries. In order to promote the 2030 Sustainable development Goals (SGDs) through Sport, the conference theme for 2020 is "Sport for SDGs: Sport, Education and Sustainable Development" and will feature special talks from invited keynotes.
  2. Technical Advisor/Sponsor: Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Taiwan (R.O.C.) , National Science and Technology Council
  3. Organizers: Taiwan Society for Sport Pedagogy (TASSP), East Asian Alliance for Sport Pedagogy (EAASP), National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU).
  4. Co-organizers: Japan Society for Sport Pedagogy (JSSP), Korea Association of Sport Pedagogy (KASP)
  5. Date: 3rd December to 4th December, 2022
  6. Venue: Virtual conference website
  7. Theme: Sport, Education and Sustainable Development: Challenge and Response in Post-Pandemic Era
A. Sport, education and sustainable development: Promote 17 Indicators of the 2030 SDGs Sustainable Development through sport, includes sustainable development indicators such as promoting health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, and diverse partnerships, as well as theoretical connotations, concepts, strategies, and action practices.
B. The sustainable development of physical literacy and core competences in sport: Integrate physical activity, self-confidence, knowledge, motor skills, physical fitness, social and emotional learning, life skills, and values in sport pedagogy.
C. The cultivation of PE teacher/coach preparation and continuing professional development: Enhance professional development of PE teachers/ coaches.
D. Remote Learning in PE: Conduct effective teaching in curriculum and assessment in physical education.
E. Other related topics: Include but not limited to Sport-related physiology, mechanics, psychology, leisure, management, society, history, philosophy and etc.…
  1. Types of Presentation:
A. Keynote speeches:
Invite both the national and international experts to engage with the main topic, deliver a keynote lecture and to present suggestions.
B.Thematic Forum
C. Oral Presentation
D. Poster Presentation
E. The Year Award for Excellent Thesis and Dissertation
  1. Best Presentation Award: If abstract of the presentation were to be chosen, the presenter would be awarded a certificate of recognition.
  2. Conference Agenda: (Please refer to attachment 1)
  3. Participants: Approximately 200-250 people.
  4. Registration (Online registration only):
A. Participate but not publish (Include published but not first author): Please register through the link below: https://forms.gle/5F452ptC2jFjUV4E8 ,or register through Taiwan Society for Sport Pedagogy (http://www.tassp.org.tw/)

B. Participate and publish (Include Oral and poster presentations): Please register through the link below: https://forms.gle/1sNnmC9Fvfymi1YD7 
  1. Important Date:
A. Accept registration: From September 26, 2022
Abstract/Paper submission due: November 5, 2022
Notification of acceptance /rejection: November 15, 2022
The deadline for registration and payment: November 5, 2022
Announcement of Tentative Program: November 26, 2022
Conference registration fee:
Registration Category Participate but not publish Participate and publish
1. Student-Member (TASSP)
( 2022 membership fee payment has been completed)
Free Free
2. Members (TASSP)
( 2022 membership fee payment has been completed)
Free Free
3. Student - Non-member NT 1,000 NT 1500
4. Non-member* NT 2,000 NT 2500
The membership of JSSP and KASP** Free Free
* For Non-TASSP members, you can apply for TASSP membership via http://www.tassp.org.tw in order to waive the registration fee.
** The membership registration fee for JSSP and KASP are free.

15. Payment:
A. Domestic: Please transfer the money from each financial institution to "Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd." (Code:700).
* Name of account: Chunghwa Post-Taiwan Society for Sport Pedagogy - Yi-Hsiang Pan
* Remittance Number: 000122-2, Bank Account Number 055265-5
B. Abroad: Please transfer the money with the following bank account information:
(1)Beneficiary’s Bank Name and Add.:Bank SinoPac (SWIFT Code: SINOTWTP)
No.36, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City 10489, Taiwan, R.O.C.
(2)Beneficiary’s Name: Chunghwa Post-Taiwan Society for Sport Pedagogy- Yi-Hsiang Pan
(3)Beneficiary’s A/C No.:700-0001222-0552655
(4)Beneficiary’s Tel No.:03-3283201 Ext. 8532
(5)Correspondent/Intermediary Bank (USD) : Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, New York, USA  3    (SWIFT Code:ICBKUS33) C. You can search for the latest news on the following websites:
(1)Taiwan Society for Sport Pedagogy (http://www.tassp.org.tw/)
(2)Contact information: office e-mail: tassptassp2022@gmail.com  
16. Call for papers (Please refer to attachment 2)
  1. Participants must seek approval or take level from their organization.
  2. Full-time participants will be issued a certificate of participation after the opening ceremony. All delegates who have presented will be issued a certification of appreciation/presentation.
  1. If publication of a full paper is required, please submit directly to “Journal of Taiwan Sport Pedagogy”. Your paper will be published on the weekly journal after checking. For more information on submission, please refer to “Journal of Taiwan Sport Pedagogy Submission”.
  2. If the epidemic situation is serious, the organizer has the right to make adjustments to the implementation method.
  3. If you have any questions, please feel free to email via tassptassp2022@gmail.com.
Attachment 1
Conference Agenda
December 3rd, 2022 (Saturday)
Time Conference contents
08:10~08:55 Registration
09:00~09:20 Opening Ceremony /Conference Hall
09:20~10:20 Opening speech: 
Sport, Education and Sustainability ~ a Global Perspectives 
Reconceptualizing Physical Education: A Curriculum Framework for Physical 
Literacy~~~Based on Perspectives of Sustainable Development Goals 
Keynote speaker: Dr. Ang Chen /Fellow, National Academy of Kinesiology, US/ 
Prof. University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
Chairperson: Dr. Ping-Kun Chiu /President, National Taiwan Sport University
Forum:Sport, Education and Sustainability ~ East Asian Perspectives 
Panelist/Invited speaker: 
1. Sustainable development of sport pedagogy in Taiwan/ Dr. Yi-Hsiang Pan 
President, Taiwan Society of Sport Pedagogy/Prof., National Taiwan Sport University 
2. Sustainable development of sport pedagogy in Japan / Dr. Yutaka Sato 
 Japan Society of Sport Pedagogy/ Professor, Toin University of Yokohama, Japan 
3. Sustainable development of sport pedagogy in Korea / Dr. Jun-Hyung Baek, 
Korea Association of Sport Pedagogy/Associate Prof., Gyeong-In National University of Education 
Chairperson: Dr. Nyit-Chin Keh/ Honorary President, Taiwan Society for Sport Pedagogy
12:00~13:00 Lunch
Board of Supervisors & Membership Meeting of TASSP
13:00~13:30 EAASP Board members meeting
13:30~15:00 Forum: Online Teaching in Physical Education during Covid-19 
Panelist/Invited speaker: 
1. Dr. Shan-Hui Hsu /Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 
2. Dr. Shinsuke Kihara/Associate Professor, Tokyo International University, Japan 
3. Dr. Deockki Hong / Associate Professor, Gyeongsang National University, Korea 
Chairperson: Dr. Ching-Ping Lin /Professor, National Taiwan Normal University
15:10-16:10 Lecture : Sport, Scientific Research and Sustainability 
Exercise, brain and cognitive function 
Keynote speaker: Dr. Tsung-Min Hung /Fellow, National Academy of Kinesiology, US 
/ Chair Professor. Professor, National Taiwan Normal University 
Chairperson: Dr. Li-Kang Chi/ Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan Normal University
16:20~17:40                      Oral and poster presentations (1)

December 4th, 2022 (Sunday)
Time Conference contents
08:45~09:00 Registration
09:00~10:20 Oral and poster presentations (2)
10:30~11:30 Closing Speech : 
Sport for SDGs ~ Achieving Sustainable development Goals through Sport 
Keynote speaker: Dr. Chin-Hsung Kao /Distinguished Professor, NTSU /President, Taiwan 
Health Movement Alliance/former Director-General, Sport Administration, Ministry of Education 
Chairperson: Vice President, Kuo-I Chen/ National Taiwan Sport University/ 
President, Taiwan Society for Sport and Entertainment Law 
Closing ceremony
Academic exchange



Attachment 2
Guidelines for Abstract Submission
  1. The research conference has set up a review committee. This committee will review the academic papers to be presented, determine the presentation format, and decide the papers to go into the collection of publication. The review committee has the authority to change the format, layout and content of the academic papers to suit the requirements of the research conference and the collection of publication.
  2. Format of the abstract for academic paper
Abstract Submission Sample:
Guidelines for Oral Presentations:
  1. Presentation time is limited to 10 minutes and 5 minutes discussion. The
international delegates are required to present in English. The Domestic
(host) group are allowed to give presentation in Chinese.
Presentation Certification:
  1. Presentation Certification: the certification will be given after the presentation.
  2. Seminar Certification: the certification will be given after the conference.
Guidelines for Poster Presentation:
  1. The poster presenter needs to prepare 5 minutes oral presentation and 5 minutes discussion during the poster presentation.
  2. Poster certification: The certification will be given after the presentation. Others: