2019/04/20 6th International Game Sense Conference 第6回 国際ゲーム・センス学会(for Teaching & Coaching)

Conference Theme

Creation of Coaching & Teaching for Games towards the Next Generations

国際Game Sense学会は、Richard Light教授によって新しいゲーム指導に注目をしてアジア太平洋地域を中心とした学会として設立されました。第1回から第3回をシドニー大学を会場として実施し、第4回目をカンタベリー大学、第5回目をフリンダース大学とオセアニア地区で実施をしてきました。第6回目は、初めてのアジア開催となり、日本の東京学芸大学を中心に学会を開催します。第6回目も、これまでと同様に、世界中から体育のゲーム指導やスポーツコーチングの研究者や実践者が集まり、研究発表と指導法のワークショップを通して、Game Senseやその他のGBAの継続的な発展に向けてのアイディアの共有と議論を行います。
The International Game Sense Conferences were developed by Pro.Richard Light to focus on the Game Sense approach (similar to Teaching Games for Understandings) and on the Asia Pacific region. The first three conferences were at the University of Sydney, the fourth was at the University of Canterbury , and the fifth was at Flinders University. All these were at Oceania Area. The sixth conference will be held for the first time in Asia and the conference will be held at Tokyo Gakugei University in Japan. As in the past, researchers and practitioners of physical educators and sports coaches gather from all over the world, and through the research presentation and the workshop for teaching and coaching, we continue sharing and discussing ideas for development of Game Sense and other GBA.
Held: 8th - 10th November 2019
Venue: Takehaya area attached to Tokyo Gakugei University,

                         (Tokyo in Japan)

Pre-Conference(8th) Keynote & Reception
Day1(9th) Keynote & Oral presentations
Day2(10th) Practicum sessions
 The innovation for teaching PE and coaching sports just come!
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