2021/07/28 英語聽說讀寫學習策略/研究生國際語言之培養

論壇主題:英語聽說讀寫學習策略/研究生國際語言之培養 2021/7/28
主持人:潘義祥  理事長/所長
疫情蔓延 開辦第二場缐上演講論壇 與會者受益良多 主講人台師大 劉宇挺特聘教授是英語教學第二語言學的專業 僅有二小時 似乎只是開味小菜 未耒再請他講授 研究生英語口頭學術發表應有的態度及應對策略 面對2030國家雙語政策 提升學生英語學習的思維
PE is one of subjects that is very suitable for bilingual teaching methods. Today we are very honored to invite Dr. Liu from National Taiwan Normal University to speak with us about the core concepts and some common myths of bilingual education policy in Taiwan. By the year of 2030, Taiwan is going to be a bilingual education country. By then, all the education will be bilingual. And this trend has already become one of challenging issues for nowadays PE teachers. To help solve this situation, Dr. Liu has shared with us his thoughts and recommendations on the preparations and mindset for bilingual teaching. In Taiwan, the main goal of bilingual teaching is to provide an English environment and in the meanwhile not to miss the most important contents of teaching subjects. Throughout this session from Dr. Liu, we are hoping to provide more insights and understandings of our country’s bilingual policies to the future teacher candidates.